List of Seeds and Plants available & wanted

I've the following available, in various quantities. Lots of unfamiliar species - so see further down the page for information. Seeds unless otherwise specified.
Achoccha (Cyclanthera pedata) (No fresh seeds) 
Alexanders (Smyrnium olusatrum)
Apples (I grow Annie Elizabeth, Kidd's Orange Pippin and Ingrid Marie. Let me know which you want me to keep seeds of - although I've no control over the pollen parent. There are other apple trees in nearby gardens, including, unfortunately, a crab. I believe, having come across many tasty feral apple trees, that good apples are not so dependent on intensive breeding as breeders may like you to believe - you just have to ensure there's no crab apple pollen involved.) This year I've been collecting seeds from local Northwich varieties - found by the wayside, also of what I suspect to be Wisley Crab, which is more of an apple than crab, with red flesh.)
Babington Leek (bulbils)
new crop September. (details here) 
Balm of Gilead (Cedronella canariensis, sometimes C. triphylla) (amazing scent, but not many seeds)
Bistort (small quantity of seeds, none this year) 

Burdock (Arctium minus)
Chaenomeles speciosa and japonica (no japonica this year)
Corn Salad AKA Lambs' Lettuce (small quantity, fiddly to collect)

Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis)
Garlic Chives (run out, may have some coming on)
Land Cress (American, I think)
New Zealand Spinach
Perpetual Spinach
Potato (from Sarpo Mira berries: Sarpo Mira is blight resistant. It seems seeds these are crossed with all the other varieties on the allotments, so very variable, many inheriting blight resistance.)
Runner Bean (mixed varieties)
Sweet Cicely

Tomato Salt Spring Sunrise
Winter Radish (white root, more than a hint of horseradish pungency! Probably Munchen Bier) 
Also Red Kabocha Winter Squash, courtesy of a bought fruit. No guarantees it will breed true; there may be some Green Kabocha pollen involved, or others.

Bistort roots

Oca tubers
Potato Bean tubers

Ramsons bulbs/plants, depending on season
Vietnamese Coriander cuttings

I've posted details of some of these below

Please email me, antthehat, on my address for postage rates: for seeds (other than big seeds, including perpetual spinach) only, this will usually amount to normal posting rates. Otherwise, large letter postage is required for Babington Leek bulbils, legumes and most roots. Some extra consideration would be great, but not essential.

If you've anything interesting to offer, please say: some I wouldn't mind are:
Solanum sisymbriifolium,
Japanese Yam,
Sagittaria latifolia (I've just obtained some Sagittaria, probably S. sinensis)

A Hyacinth Bean that works in this (UK) country!
and others I can't think of at the moment!

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Compost John said...

Thanks for your message about the Chinese Yam/Cinnamon Vine, and yes, I'll send you some bulbils which will grow next season. I'm also happy to send you some beans from my favourite climbing pea bean, with a bi-coloured seed, a prolific cropper.
I would like some of the things in your list too. I'll be in touch.
John (low carbon lifestyle blog)