The Chayote

Chayote - Sechium edule.
I got a job lot of these fruits for a song, so I thought I'd try growing them. A search on the internet suggested that the single seed inside this cucurbit's fruit might sprout if carefully cut out: I had no joy. They tried in their pots, but whether they didn't like the north facing windowsill in winter (the best place for me to keep my eye on them), or just didn't like being removed from the fruit, I don't know. But one fruit remained in its little plastic bag for some time, and started rooting and shooting. So I put it in a plantpot. As I write in mid April, it still looks reluctant. See the picture with the rotten fruit - taken before I removed the fruit and planted it up without - it had some roots trying to grow into the fruit, but rotting; there were still some healthy root starts waiting though. For some good pics of young chayotes, see Ultimately, I hope it will go romping up a bean frame, and if not produce fruits, then we'll gorge on shoots. I've none to offer, of course - just thought you may be interested.
PS - It died. It wasn't healthy when I removed the fruit, and just went downhill...

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AKG Emma said...

The key to chayote is not to remove the fruit. I had 4 this time last year and left them on a cool windowsill until they sprouted. Once I had I potted them up, fruit and all, and kept them indoors until after the frosts. The plants grew, but they were day length sensitive and did not set fruit. Also, mine were spiny, so potting them up was a labour of love!